Friday, April 30, 2010

A Dedication to April 30

I could feel a sort of summer energy humming in the air, and it pulsed through my body excitedly. This happened on my way home... a few precious minutes away before I transport my body and mind to another serious domain. I am half-burnt (the summer sun is seriously hot!) while writing this, still in office clothes and cooling down at the same time. I'm not excited, am I?  I did not think about what I was writing. This remains mostly unedited. This is probably as close as I've come thus far to just letting words literally flow through me and onto this blog.

 Mango Furomaji from BreadTalk

Or, mind you, I'm just pretty excited about some cute cake. It made me very happy. I'm feeling rather light and happy today, mostly because of the long weekend -  Elle Woods drama, eat some good food, green trees, absorb the humidity of summer, etc. I'm quite excited. As if the universe wanted to nudge me along in my excitement, I saw this mango cake* at BreadTalk. Mango flavor, smiley top, pretty cheap. My cake hunger was instantly solved! LOL!

Bye, April! Hello May!

*Due to scorching summer heat, the cream literally melted on the side. Tiny bummer.

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