Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 13: Mama's Birthday

I've rambled about Ruby a.k.a. bida/kontrabida in this entry. It's almost a mandatory judicial notice that my mother plays a significant role in my life. So, it's just high time to repeat about her awesomeness since it's her birthday anyway. Besides, it's not every day that I get to pay tribute to the woman from whom I inherited half of my genes.

I wasn't able to attend her golden day celebration last year due to my training in C'ville. And, in order to lessen my guilty feelings about it and to show how precious the golden girl is (zzzzz... drools), I bought her a black leather Coach bag ($185 plus tax) at the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg, VA. Well, that's for last year, but this year's different. I bought her a Cookies and Cream cake instead since it's purportedly one of her favorites. Way, way cheaper compared to my last year's tribute, yes!

Happy 51st Birthday, Ma!

These photos would show how happy the birthday celebrant was during her day. Add some bunch of flowers from my BF, two more sweet treats (chocolate mousse & crema de fruta) from office peeps, and smiles from moi and Dave, methinks Ruby is happy! Siblings missing in the picture were still either in school, work or trying to make their lives count.

My heartfelt wishes this time: good health and happiness ... and the building of that dream house in Bohol soon!

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