Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 24: Pearl Couple's Day

Caveat: This serves as my dedication to the awesome pair who breathed life into me... Mr. & Mrs. B! So pardon my cheesy statements.

The union of Mr. & Mrs. B is a fine example that teamwork and respect are the key ingredients of a succesful marriage. Since May 24 is an important day in my parents' lives, a considerable chunk of blog exposure will be given to them via this post. With this, allow me to share a snippet of my folks:

Typical morning scenario: Mr. B wakes up to the sound of alarm, whips up breakfast for the pack of 7 (5 kids and them) while listening to the early morning radio news. Approximately 15 minutes later, Mrs. B wakes up, checks to see what breakfast is, complains that Mr. B should stop snoring (this has been a classic household complaint) and goes to shower. If Mrs. B disagrees to the breakfast items, she'd voice it out loud. Mr. B simply ignores it. Mrs. B will now shower while Mr. B sits in the rocking chair, obviously resting after cooking breakfast and waiting for his turn to shower. Clad in a towel, Mrs. B prepares Mr. B's plate and morning coffee. Tick-tock.  While Mr. B's inside the bath, Mrs. B will now grumble words like a military sergeant to her pack of 5. After Mr. B showered, Mrs. B will now sit in the dining table and shares breakfast with Mr. B. Classic morning topics I often hear: Philippine politics, office slackers, upcoming bonuses, who among the pack tuition fee payment is due, delicious weekend fare - in no particular order. After breakfast, toothbrush and washing some greasy pans (Mrs. B is a self-confessed OC that she won't delegate the washing of the same to others), they will now prepare and dress up for work. 20 minutes later,  Mrs. B will prepare Mr. B.'s water bottle while Mr. B distributes daily allowance of the members of the pack. And off they go to work together.

I consider myself a credible and competent witness to this morning bonding of my folks. The above scenario depicts Mr. & Mrs. B as a couple who withstood the test of time. True enough, the union of Mr. & Mrs. B is similar to a metaphor associated to a pearl - very rare, fine, admirable and valuable.

Happy Pearl Anniversary to my Mama & Papa!

Shown here with Mr. & Mrs. B are delicious items of their simple anniversary dinner of beef caldereta, vegetable lumpia, chicken pastel, siomai and Estrel's caramel cake as dessert.

Congrats, Mama & Papa! More happy years ahead!


mhe-anne ojeda said...

nice article.well deserve tribute for your parents.i wish them a happy anniversary.

Jazzy Jaz said...

Super thanks, Ma'am! They are my angels on earth... :)