Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boracay Revisited

We're back... from Boracay! Spending 3D/2N in the island paradise is definitely a sure-fire way to recharge and de-stress naturally. White sand, aquamarine waters, coco trees, fantastic sunset, fruit shakes... All these and more filled up my long weekend. No indelible ink in my index finger this time around. My apologies to my two mothers: Ruby & Inang Bayan for missing the Mother's Day lunch and the PCOS baptism. Next time.

Anyhoo, I just want to share some pics from the island. It's also our own way of celebrating BF's birthday in advance. Happy thoughts and energy all the way!

Our PAL flight to Pangkalibutan nga Paeuparan it Kalibo got delayed for one hour, so we arrived in the island late afternoon already. We still managed to catch the famous Bora sunset and, of course, the sand castles! Methinks that no tourist shall ever leave the island without a sand castle pic. LOL!

When vantity strikes... oh well. Just check out.  See? I'm addicted to sand castles.

Camwhoring in our room. I love the seashell-inspired curtain. Note to self: these ain't puka shells. The latter is one of the notable stuff of the island. For someone like me who's afraid of boat travels, I have to wear puka shells next time. Wiki tells us that in Hawaii wearing of puka shells was traditionally thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey, so puka shell necklaces were especially worn by those who had to travel at sea.

I found this blue starfish in the sand one ultra-hot morning. Dead.

Sunset Beach mode. Enjoying the fantastic sunset.

Posing in one of these umbrella shades adds up to the Boracay tourist feeling...

... and walk-a-thon in the commercialized Bora too.

Korea or Boracay? You choose.

Boracay Got Talent presents the amazing fire dancers.

Next, food in Boracay. I was very amused with this lechon with a ripe mango on its mouth. Noyping-noypi! This lechon seems to be the center of attraction in Bamboo Lounge dinner buffet (Php 250 inclusive of bottomless iced tea & orange juice). It was our second time to try BL's buffet and the lechon never failed to amuse me and fellow tourists.

Don Vito's pistachio gelato is a winner for only Php 100=2 scoops.

A trip to the island won't be complete without trying Jonah's fruit shakes: mango rhum (BF) & mango milk (moi). 

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe's signature coffee and yummy calamansi muffins.

Choco-vanilla-mango crepe at Crazy Crepes.

Delectable pastries of One MGM Boracay's dinner buffet (Php 250 exclusive of drinks; Php 375 with access to soup and grilling stations).

Chill out with El Centro's mango & avocado shakes located in Station 2. Such a good alternative to Jonah's in Station 1.


Farewell shot of the white beach. Till next time, Bora!

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