Monday, April 26, 2010

Gone Too Soon

Life is short. I could barely count all the people who have uttered that classic line, be it in the movies, sitcoms, soap operas or talk shows. I never really paid attention to it because I know very well that our mortal bodies will someday expire. So why bother paying attention to it, I'd say. Until 8:53 this morning.

One of my college besties lost her beloved husband yesterday from a motorcycle accident. I didn't know how to react and how to comfort her while she mumbled the painful news over the phone. It pained me so much and for a while I found myself at a loss for words. Lots of unneccessary questions hovered through my head. 

How could fate be so tragic? What will happen to their two beautiful kids? Blah-blah. And most importantly, how merciless could fate be to snatch a supportive husband away so soon from a wonderful young wife?

I witnessed how they renewed their love ties in the metro, away from the prying eyes of their folks and friends in the Surfing Capital of our country. They were HS sweethearts, but college life separated them. Dave (RIP, my friend) pursued bestie Vitanie all the way from Cebu where the former went to college. To cut the long story short, they lived together, bore two children and got married. To our minds that time, they were really meant for each other. I even suggested the name Geoffrey (Geoff for short - from actor Geoff Eigenmann who happens to be one of my celebrity crushes that time) for their firstborn, and bestie heeded my humble suggestion.

Life is really short. And now, the least I could do is to invoke God's ultimate guidance for bestie, Geoff and Sasha.

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