Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laki Sa Gatas. Bow.

 My fave milk flavors as of press time: BB's green apple, banana boat & beary strawberry

Circa my grade school years, my folks were very particular with downing a glass of milk before bed time. As an obedient kid (Obedience used to be one of my key virtues, just so you know) I followed them. Fast forward to HS days, I grew a tiny devilish tail (cue devil laugh) so I bade au revoir to the habit. Reason? Never did like milk aftertaste. So I tricked my beloved folks that I'm lactose intolerant, which isn't at all true. For quite some time, my folks believed my invented tale. Call it weird but I don't like the clingy effect of milk to my tongue, maybe because I hate seeing my tongue white. I kind of associate it with poor hygiene. So there.

But after my horrible acne stage, I started loving milk. Research has it that milk has calming effects which promote a peaceful sleep. Blah-blah. I want to be more detailed and scientific about this but, heck, what for? I now *cardiovascular organ* milk. That's the point.

So while browsing some grocery shelves, I found Bear Brand's  fruit flavored milk drink. I find it amusing that once upon a time Bear Brand topped my hate list (and Nido too) and now I love the brand. My current fave is the beary strawberry flavor. While I'm making this entry, I can't help but smile. Such shallow shallow topic eh? All for the love of milk.

To quote one of my favorite local artists - Asia's Songbird,  "Ako'y laki sa gatas!"

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