Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Weekend of June

Alongside with my Elle Woods dream - uber excited for Legally Blonde, The Musical at the Meralco Theater - and the start of the rainy season, I spent the first weekend of June with the BF. It was quite wonderful that I got to experience once again the usual weekend stuff which I deprived myself of from the time "The law is reason free from passion" haunts me. So there.

Finally, after weeks of mentally salivating over this seemingly popular fantasy-adventure film, we watched Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at SM Megamall last Friday Night. I am no video game fanatic but I really enjoyed the movie. 

Food & Film Friday: Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Beef Bowl (beef misono with prawn & veggie tempura), california maki & red iced tea & Prince Dastan-Princess Tamina-Nizam film poster

Then came a surprisingly cool Saturday night. After a sweltering summer with temperatures shooting up to 38 degrees, the night was comparable to a soothing balm. So I was inspired to whip up another "pacham" (read: kitchen invention). My kitchen invention this time around is made up of chayote (or pear squash if you wanna sound starched), carrots and ground pork.

A dinner of sauteed chayote & carrots and pork chops (lovingly marinated by the BF) spells Y-U-M.

Sunday means the much-awaited visit to the much-awaited abode. Loads of excitement filled the air, mind you.

Three more months...

Let the June flag fly high!

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